Diane Wilczewski

About Diane Wilczewski

At the Brain Shift Center, you will learn how to create a  more empowered brain by getting more energy to your pre-frontal cortex, the highest most evolved part of your brain.  After a decade of research and development, a system has been developed that does exactly that. The Higher Brain Living® System profoundly increases energy in your Higher Brain, helps you create a new map of your life, and brings that empowered Higher Brain state to all areas of your life. This is how true and lasting transformation happens. 

For several thousands of years, a latent energy source in the body has been referred to as qi, chi, kundalini, prana or subtle energy. This energy is associated with certain pathways in the body. The pathways that this dormant energy can flow through when awakened are called meridians in traditional Chinese medicine, or nadi points in yoga. A variety of different healing techniques and wisdom traditions have all had their own unique approach and understandings of this.

In summary, a latent energy source and its associated pathways in the body have been known and partially understood across many cultures and many centuries.

Now we have ‘cracked the code’ and revolutionized this understanding. We have found a way to powerfully and consistently cue these pathways through light touch contacts in a very unique protocol that mobilizes this dormant energy and directs it to the Higher Brain. This increases the metabolism of the Higher Brain and wakes up its potential!

When the Higher Brain gets energy, it creates its own feedback mechanism in the form of automatic and rhythmical breath. This is NOT you learning to breathe. It feels more like you are “being breathed.” The breath expands to increase metabolism of the Higher Brain where all of your potential is. This is an automatic feedback response. Later, another wave will develop to release all the lower brain debris and the stress, clearing out the pathways and opening them for more energy to go to the Higher Brain. Once you are in the Higher Brain, stress MUST release. Stress is released through these natural rejuvenating waves in the body.  Through the help of the Mastery Facilitator, Diane, I will lead you through a program that will help you make lasting changes to your lifestyle.  

How well is everything else working for you?  Come in and see me, $95 for the first 2 session.  It's organic, it's breath, it's amazing!  

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